What is Active Sitting?

There’s so much to say about the benefits of Active Sitting that it has its own page!

Can I sit on ErgoErgo all day in the office?

No problem. The more you sit on it, the more you work your body, and the stronger your core muscles will be. And you´ll improve your sense of balance. But you´ll also benefit if you use ErgoErgo for 15 minutes, an hour each day or just every now and then.

How tall should I be to use it?

ErgoErgo compresses slightly when you sit on it to the height of a standard chair, which makes it perfect for a standard desk height. Because you can adjust it by tilting or moving back and forth, it’s suitable for people from about 5′ – 6’4″ tall.

Why is there no back rest?

ErgoErgo allows the body to move freely in any direction, and because there is no back rest, you engage your core and back muscles to build strength and flexibility.

How much weight does it support? 

~250 pounds. 

Can my kids sit on ErgoErgo?

Depends how big they are. When you sit on ErgoErgo, both feet should be planted on the ground. Smaller children will have to wait a few months until we come out with KidsErgo. (And then see if you can get them off it!).

How much does it cost?

ErgoErgo costs $100, including shipping in the continental US.

What about returns?

Within 15 days of purchase, email us to request a call tag return shipping label for the product in original box. Once we receive it, we’ll issue a refund with the cost of return shipping deducted.

Can ErgoErgo be recycled?

We hope you´ll use and enjoy your ErgoErgo for a long time. So, when the time comes, yes, ErgoErgo can be recycled.

Is ErgoErgo made in the US?

We’re proud to say yes!